Indoor Wedding Photoshoot Singapore: It’s In The Picture

A wedding is indeed the most significant and memorable event for any couple. Aside from the grandiose celebration details such as the ceremony, wedding gown, and reception, another important feature that any future bride and groom should look into is the photo and video coverage of this once-in-a-lifetime affair.A new and fascinating concept for soon-to-be-wed couples is an in-demand trend nowadays.

The usual package does not only include the on-site coverage, but it also comes with what is popularly known as “prenuptial” photo and video session that can be used as a Save-the-Date invite and documentation. Commonly, couples choose a theme and an outdoor venue for the pre-wedding or engagement session (and e-session for some stylists and photographers). However, for couples who might lack some creative ideas and even budget, here are some ideas on how to pull off an inventive indoor wedding photoshoot in Singapore.

  1. Go with what interests both of you

Couples would always have something they share in common, and they can always work their prenuptial photo shoot theme around this. If you share the same profession, then taking pictures of you working together wouldn’t be such a bad idea. Or, if you are both into a common hobby or interest, then posing before the camera doing this it together is also great.

  1. Go wild and exploreGo wild and explore in your wedding photoshoot

All of us would always have a dream self, or even what is called an “alter ego” and dressing up in your other self is one way of being artistic and innovative. You can try goth dressing, or even cosplay in your favorite anime characters.

  1. Go mini

A new and fascinating concept for soon-to-be-wed couples is an in-demand trend nowadays. Popularized by a Thai photographer, the trend is called the “Small Person” wedding concept. Miniature versions of the bride and groom are featured in fun and super creative shots. This photography style is achieved by mixing two shots together where the result is fantastic and impressive.

Whether indoor or outdoor wedding photography, couples who are about to get married must always stick to their personality, style, and interests. This would not only make their wedding day more special and memorable, but will also give them cherished memories to last a lifetime.

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