Bride in A Bind – 5 Tips to Speed Through Choosing Between A Wedding Gown Rental or Purchase


Wedding trends in Singapore are ever changing. For instance, many brides these days rent a wedding gown in Singapore instead of having one tailor-made. For many, this is a wallet-friendly alternative, that also helps cut the waiting time it usually takes to have a gown made. But there are still many others who would much rather have a wedding dress created from scratch; if not for the purpose of a perfect fit, then for the sentimental value of the outfit. If you’re a bride who’s struggling to figure out whether or not you should rent or buy, these tips will help you make the decision fast.1

  1. Bridal Budget – The first thing you need to think of when deciding whether you should rent or buy is the amount of money you’re willing to shell out for your gown. If you don’t mind spending a hefty price for your dress, a tailor-made gown might be the best choice for you. But if you’re a bride working on a smaller budget, a rental should help ease the cost of your wedding outfit.2
  2. Certain About Style –If you have a clear cut idea of what kind of wedding dress you want to wear, it would be wiser and much easier to talk to a tailor and have your ideas turned into a reality. But if you’re not quite sure how you want to look on your special day, trying out different rental gowns will open your eyes to your options, and make it easier to land the right choice.3
  3. For Keeps – Some brides want to be able to keep their wedding gown around for years for the sentimental value it holds, as well as to be able to pass it down to their daughters later on. For those who want to be able to hold on to their gown, buying tailor-made is the only choice. But for brides who don’t mind letting it go and seeing it again only through pictures, a rental should be no problem.4
  4. Uniquely You – Repeating an outfit is often a major fashion no-no, but wearing a gown that someone’s already worn before can be even more of a faux pas. Brides that don’t want to share a gown with a previous renter will often opt to purchase their own. But if you don’t mind having the same outfit as the last girl, go on ahead and take out a rental.5
  5. Profitable Purchase – Buying your own gown now might seem expensive, but there are lots of women who would gladly purchase a second hand gown in good condition. That means if you buy your own gown, you can sell it in the future if you decide to let it go. Renting however, won’t result in returns, since it requires the brides to surrender their gowns as soon as the ceremony is over.

Are you better suited to rent or buy a wedding gown? Be sure to make the best choice, and look nothing short of the blushing bride you’ve always wanted to be, by making the right decision for your wedding dress.

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